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About us

WebSolutions819 is a web design, development and maintenance company based in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. We have a strong expertise in digital marketing, web design and application development. Our great understanding of the web is making us deliver exceptional results to all our customers: good first impression, expansion, money saving and customer increase are good examples.

WebSolution819 was born from the collaboration of two software engineers. Armed with a strong computer background, we are able to assist companies in developing solutions that will allow them to evolve and thrive in their respective markets. Our experience within the industry allows us to develop a concise strategy to help your business grow.

In today’s marketplace, it is necessary to have a website that mirrors everything that your business stands for. We are convinced that the development of a quality website is a must for any business wishing to build and develop a loyal clientele. A well-designed and well-optimized website is the deciding factor between whether potential clients call you or your competitors.

Today, more than 78% of users conducts online product research. Based on recent research, given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain. Aware of the importance of the quality of a website for a company, we work with rigor, efficiency and versatility to adapt to your needs. Nothing is left to chance, we are results-oriented.

Our skills

Design & Development


Responsive & Mobile Friendly


Content Management Systems






Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


After Sale Support


Our process

This life cycle creates a clear picture of what you and your website need

In order to understand your needs and create the right product for you, we work according to a clear process divided into 6 distinct phases: kickoff meeting, plan, design, develop, refine and launch. Each step is critical in developing your website and we take time to go through every one of them carefully. The smooth progression of this life cycle allows us to properly capture and define all the details and requirements of your website. When your website is launched, we can also take care of the maintenance and the updates for you.


01. Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting is essential to help us understand your needs. We’ll learn more about your business and will explain how we work. Together, we can establish simple, measurable, ambitious and realistic objectives.


02. Plan

Once we have understood your needs and created objectives, we will be able to develop a plan that will include the cost, the timeline and all the tasks to be performed to successfully create your new website.


03. Design

Once the plan is approved, we will work with the information we have to create the first model of your new website. We will consult you many times through this process to have constant feedback.


04. Develop

This is the phase where we turn all that planning into a beautiful design. We leverage our IT expertise to build an ergonomic and accessible website. Your new website will be perfectly aligned to the current web standards.


05. Refine

We will present you your new website and each wireframe of the website will be reviewed by you. If required, we will work together to do the necessary changes and adjustments to have your full satisfaction.


06. Launch

All items discussed in the plan will be ready and completed. After hard work and dedication, it’s time to officially launch your new website!

Why choose us

Delivering innovative design is WebSolutions819’s top priority

Experts in our field, we guarantee quality service. We are creative, efficient, professional, reliable, and flexible. We are always listening to our customers and doing what’s best for them. With our wide range of expertise, you can count on an impressive list of services. You can find here a quick list of what we offer, but for more information, make sure to contact us!

Modern Design
Modern UI

We create modern, friendly and intuitive user interfaces. With its stylish looks, your website will attract the eye of users and solidify your brand identity.

Browser Compatibility
Browser Compatibility

We guarantee compatibility of your website with the most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

Mobile Traffic will continue to rise as smart devices take over the world. One of our top priorities is to make your website mobile friendly.


Our customers will have access to an impressive number of statistics: the number of visits, number of unique visitors, pages viewed, average visit length, etc.

Easily Editable

Our customers will be able to edit any information contained on the website from an admin page. We can also offer tutoring to help you achieve this more easily.

Web Security

More than 25% of websites are running on the platform we are using. It has proven itself in terms of web security. You will not have to worry about hackers or frauds.

eCommerce Solutions

Today, more than one in two adults is making online purchases. We can create a new website for your business that will allow you to sell your products online.

Search Engine Optimization SEO
Search Engine Optimization

Through our optimization services, your website will appear quickly in the results pages of the most popular search engines.

Place Optimization
Place Optimization

We can make your company visible to anyone looking for you on the web. We can add you on Google Places and Map Connect.

Domain Registration
Domain Registration

Registration of a new domain can easily be done through us and it’s fast, simple, and affordable. We can also use your existing domain and port it to your new website.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

We offer affordable web hosting that keeps your website up and running. It’s secure and offer 99.9% uptime.

After Sale Support
After Sale Support

Whether you have a question, couple of changes or a considerable amount of new development, you can contact us. We are here to help!

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